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Submitted by ike kleins on
In Nigeria gender equality is gaining balance rapidly, even the government of my beloved country Nigeria is stressing the need to bring women into political offices. here in Nigeria many women have benefited as a result of gender balance, it is even a threat to a man coversing 4 a political office with a woman here in Nigeria bc the Fedral Government of Nigeria is going to give her more preference in the election. talking of Africa as a continient, gender equality is gaining ground because we are bigining to understand the fact that women as mothers given the room, they can contribute to the growth of the society. Take for instance, it is the woman that makes a man to settle down. most men are alcoholics and drug addicts, but the presence of a woman in the life a man can change all that.That's why parents need to pay more attention to thier female children and ensure proper education when they are little. I am a living testimony. thanks