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Submitted by william barry on
the world bank are a joke and so is the un--they only want parts of africa to be undeer there total control and if the countries gvt doesnt agree with waht there policy is that has been agreed in usa at the un look at lybia he became there friend and when he said he would do things his way -- bang bang-he had to go the uk and the rest of europe is broke=----the uk has not a penny for schools yet we find billions to bomb lybia---- watch out any country finding oil --it might be your oil but you will find you have another master who will tell you how to spend all the revenue it earns--- on more bombs and guns and weapons to kill each other--no country in africa is safe from un world bank and all oil thieves who wont build you a school or a hospital or a new dock so you can export your crops--- but they will build you a newdock to help them take your oil--and your minerals away from you and pay you in arms and guns and bombs -- africa is the only continent in the world that has every mineral every crop and all the labour for it to be the the nos one continent in the world--WAKE UP AFRICA DONT LISTEN TO THE WORLD BANK--- TELL THE UN IT IS YOUR CONTINENT--YOU WANT MORE SAY IN WHAT HAPPENS TO IT---TELL THE OIL BARONS--FOR EVERY BARREL YOU TAKE FROM AFRICA-- YOU SPEND TEN PERCENT OF THE REVENUE IN THE COUNTRY IT COMES FROM--ON THE PEOPLE PROVIDING HOSPITALS AND SCHOOLS--AND MEDICINES-- TELL THEM TODAY DONT LEAVE IT TO LATE --GOD BLESS AFRICA--GOD BLESS ITS PEOPLE