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Submitted by Tope Olaifa on
I commend the effort of Madam Oby at striking this awareness in her own little corner. It is quite inspiring to me because I have had the opportunity to read it. This in itself is hinged upon the fact that I am basically educated and beyond this I am ICT compliant to a degree that I could access information on facebook and read blogs. Pray, how many women fall within this category I have mentioned? There are millions of us in the rural areas who do not even know anything about this gender rights and equity we are talking about. I am aware that many Gender and Development organisations are making incursions into grassroots yet their effort has remained a drop in the ocean. Many of these organisations are even content talking to elite women groups in cities just because the cost of grassroots advocacy and mobilisation is higher and funds are really not coming easy from anywhere. I run one of such organisations and this informs what I am saying. The engine of my car got knocked at one instance on the way to Ibagbeto and I know what I faced to get it out of the creeks. Meanwhile, it was a privately sponsored project. Yet we need to get to the grassroots. That should be the target of our campaign. The city women have an advantage of education and exposure. We don't.