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Submitted by OWIE FELIX on
It was said that civilization started from Africa but developmentally we are still learning the rope. It baffles me that our leaders have not been able to lead Africa through that path which will ignite that patriotism that is needed to fire our people to take the challenge of building the continent. The craze for material has blinded the leaders that they could not differentiate between national interest personal interest. Their glutenous nature is responsible for all these unwarranted conflicts bedeviling the continent. Because of these self inflicted conflicts, we devote most valuable time and resources to managing conflict rather than development. Attendant result today is poverty, health hazard and backwardness. We assumed to have gained Independence .I don't know whether politically or what because the so many conflicts in Africa today is so alarming that infrastructures that were inherited from colonial eras has depleted that we can not even to it. I think these phenomenons has been the bane of Africa