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Dear vice president world bank The write up you pasted in this blog is quite commendable yet just like you identified actions speak louder than words. Solving this problem from the family level is the best option. Remember it is still the rich women who go to the rural areas and bring less fortunate children to the urban areas to use them as house maids. They send their own children to well equip and modernize schools and send the maids to government schools usually afternoon session. They pay less attention to their problems, their potentials and calling. During festive periods they still give preferential treatment to their children in place of this poor ones who does all the house chores. Established and prolific women of the society need to focus their attention on informing, enlightening and assisting the girl child at a tender age. They need to encourage the poor girl child to understand the importance of education by giving them scholarship and observing them closely to know where lies their potentials irrespective of the fact if they are their children or not. The women of the society are 80% cause of their predicament. Most of them only wish to be with already achieved persons rather to start building a home which she can be proud of.