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The debate on gender equality have been on for quite a few decades and it behooves on us as 'civilized' people to take an introspective look at the variables that would bring out the best on this debate. Almost every culture in history, until recently in developed countries, have a sort of second class rating against womenfolks even though there are no clearly laid down law or statute anywhere that relegate them to such impasse. It occurs, clearly as natural as we have allowed. my aruement thus is that most men and world leaders in all nations are trained and nurtured by women mostly. Chaka Zulu, as ferocious and wicked as he was, was known to have adored only one person above himself; his mother. Why then can't the African women use this tremendous influence to change their lot over centuries? I believe women must be given the chance to participate more in economic and socio-political development in global terms but then, they have to use their influence more strategically and smarter than they are doing. Men wouldnt relinquish this power if women fail to be the change they want to see. thank you