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Submitted by Balkis Begum on
Africa is getting poorer by the day, although not in terms of units this world bank employee refers to. The ecological unity in Africa is the EXTENDED FAMILY where warmth, security, value, respect and insight into life's meaning can be successfully gleaned. It uses very little energy, wastes none, and produces great reward. PARITY IS AN EVIL INVENTION. Although all things come in pairs, if UNITY is forgotten, then Mankind will perish, as it surely is embarking on it. Respecting the planet, - it could not be better served than by honoring TRADITION and hierarchy: There - like in a Russian doll - one goes into the other. Baby-Child-Mother-Father-Grandparents. Without submission and obedience nothing is served and nothing gets achieved. World Bank fat cats and their kittens are just spoiled, each in his room, with each his telly in front of him, what quality of life in Washington??? Come on, when were you honest the last time? Politics by definition is not.