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Submitted by Roberts Oladipo on
In as much as I read and enjoyed your article,I must say that it does not reflect our socio-political and religious realities. Africa,as a continent,is deep rooted culturally,as such it is socially impossible'if not difficult,to think and act equal in a male-dominated environment. Even before a child is born,preference is given to a male child,for culturally obvious reasons.Buchi Emecheta's novel,JOYS OF MOTHERHOOD,clearly depicts this cultural realities,which to me is an acknowledgement. No doubt women are beginning to take the stage in political affairs of the world,the question is how many of those women has Africa produced?Yes,we have Saleef Johnson of Liberia,who is becoming rather too politically ambitious,and a few others like you,who truly believe in gender equality. Madam,truth must be told,Africa hasn,t got to the level of political tolerance devoid of gender prejudice we see in civilised societies.Therefore,so long as we are still deep rooted culturally,it would be politically,socially and religiously difficult,if not impossible,to think and act equal!