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The Queen Mother always had and exercised her power. The Women's Societies in Africa (many cultures) also exercised their power. What seems to be happening now is the reculturalization of Africa to Western Principles and Mores without retaining the good elements of our ancestry. Be careful that when you sit down to eat with a vampire you do not come up a vampire yourself. History is not for fools but for the wise. Covering ones eyes does not make reality disappear. We have been the stewards of this planet for centuries and though we have had to endure diabolical enslavement, colonialism and other isms, we now dance with the "devil" (so to speak) in this generation as the plan to control all the resources on the earth evolves through OUR cooperation with the elements that promote such a vision. Look at what has happened to all the indigenous people and their land on this earth. Credit is NOT a good thing, especially when it involves usury. Africa is fast spinning into a new age colony of the western mentality and corporate structure. It seems that the New World Order as described by George Bush when he was the President is a plan that is alive and well and being delivered on the backs of Black people once again. Change is good, but let it be the change YOU thought of. Destroying your past and your culture does not Change who and what you are. May the Creator have mercy on our souls and the ancestors rise up to give us correct guidance and strength. Abortions and AIDS not withstanding.