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Submitted by Nwagwuocha Eze on
Right from my childhood days, i have come to hear and know this issue very well. i thank you madam for finding time to write on it as it affect growth and development in Africa. i am of the view the that women are getting equal opportunity in the scheme of things especially in Nigeria. some cultural practices that inhibit women are really giving way. The girl-child today in Nigeria have come to see or hear of great women in politics,Academic,journalism,sport in fact in all works of life like Queen Amina(of blessed memory), Mrs Theresa Chukwuma(first female graduate in Mbaise(had her masters in 1958) and first black principal Queens college Enugu and Lagos),Chief mrs margret Ekpo(of blessed memory) to mention but a few. They have come to know that it is about them aspiring/working hard to achieve their ambition like their male counterpart. so the job there i guess,is to encourage the women to venture into any profession they so desire.Today, you are world bank's vice president not because you are a woman but because you are qualify/competent.Therefore women should not drawback and wait for any special consideration.