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Submitted by Chimdindu Eben Osuagwu on
Thinking and Acting Equal Is God's Plan. After all, men and women are but sperm and ova fused together to create humans that are polarised into sexes-males and females by God Almighty. It is God's arrangement that no male or females is ever reproduced without the other ''thinking and acting'' equally to enable conception. It is God's plan that regeneration of mankind on earth cease the moment that either males or females genders cease to exist. Therefore thinking and acting equal is God's plan...earthly opposed by their own misery since science has proven that the longevity of fathers and children depend significantly on the longevity of wives and mothers, and that the reverse does not hold. The culture of thinking and acting unequal is deliberate opposition to God's plan that manifests as "acquired humanness pollution syndrome" that mediates chronic underdevelopment. I have produced a regression equation that this is the case and would like to receive offer to review the study by development experst who know that in all affairs of life...they do 'think', 'act' and ''advocate' equality. My thesis shows how systemic capacity inequality interacts with corruption to mediate 'Sustainable Human Development'. Thank you for the audience.