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Submitted by Ozioma Onyenweaku(Ohale) on
Women over the years have grown with the idea of inequality as being part of life, and natural. Women need a re-orientation, a continous one, to break free from the past. The fight must start with the women themselves. In all the African societies, it is the women themselves that enforce those unequal and discriminatory rules. They are the ones for instance that wolud ensure that a widow must lie on bare floor, must have her hair shoven. drink or bath with the water used in washing the widow's late husband's body. While at the same time they would serve and attend to a widower and ensure that he is well cared for before, during, and after the burial of the widower's wife. They would even provide one of their own to sleep with the widower at night 'to prevent the late wife's spirit from disturbing his peaceful sleep.' They are the ones that challenge and question the mitive of a woman venturing into areas deemed exclusive for men. Who is whose enemy? Women are a force to reckon with. Women can capture a city without lifting an arm if they determine to. Factors militating against women in African Society notwithstanding, African women can always achieve whatever they set their minds on. Equality is achievable, though not a platter of gold, if the women themselves are determined. Women worldwide are agents of change. Taking up the challenge is infact the challenge. There is hope. I like what is happening in Saudi now. More goodnews will filter in.