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Submitted by James K Alabi on
Thanks our own vice-president of the world bank. In the past few months, i have been thinking deeply on this issue and i get worried by the way governments in different parts of the world perceive the women folk. You get more worried, when you learn that women, who at school showed better thinking ability than most men, end up unutilised, unappreciated and unproductive. It is salient to mention that the whole perception started a long time ago, and this wrong placement has led us to where we are today, a state of gruesome killing, bomb explosion, big time thievery, absence of values, presence of half baked illeterates in governance, financial system instabiity, etc, etc. The list is endless!!. I want to state that we need to go back to the drawing board, and allow our women to occupy the pride of place in all facets of our economic, political and social settings. In actual fact, relegating them to the background is detrimental to our nation, Nigeria in particular and the world in general. How do we achieve this.? Women must come out more boldly to have full representation in the scheme of things. Women must be more vocal than before and set up performance standard to measure the rate at which they are getting the deserved recognition. Womenfolk must present a common front and get the support of the menfolk who has strong belief in them. Come to think of it, women are higher in number, in terms of population, but ignored in productive and decision making activities . This is an abnormality and should be corrected immediately. Finally, experience has shown that women are more organised, more proactive, nore resilient, more accomodating, and peaceful. To ignore their contributions to our GDP is to remain at the level we are now. Men should support the quest of women for greater acceptance and recognition to participate in bringing about a more focused, balanced and articulate governance. Thanks so much.