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Submitted by onuh stanley on
God never created men equal among men, talk more of women to men. all fingers are not equal and can never be in this world. gender equality only brings about unhealthy competition between couples or male and female. Oby should stop deceiving herself. let things be the way God created and made it to be. some women are better than some men, in term of education, economic, political and all that, even Oby can never want to be equal with some village women. so what are we talking about, what's all these noise about women everywhere? now, there's no wealth man that will not send his children to school, both male and female, there's no rich man that will ask his children to go and hock on the street. instead of talking about child labour, we should be talking about helping poor families of the world, that send their children to sell on the street because of the hash economic condition. let talk about better economy, good governance, that will bring prosperity to everyone. ask Oby how many female kids in her village she has help to train in school? she enjoy herself at the world bank and talk about equality at the top, What has she done at the grassroots? ask her now to relinquish her position for another woman, only then u will know if there's equality among women