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After the meeting of the young African leaders had with the president Obama in Washington DC.We formed Nigeria Just Government which pray for the health of the business of Aso Rock. The health of the glory of the church of Nigeria. The Health of the glory of the Church of the President Jonathan Goodluck and the health of the glory of the church of the day. The prosperity of the gender equality is also directly proportional to the health of the glory of the church of Nigeria Just Government. There are many mails, letters, messages,counsels, advises that has been sent in through mediums to the govt and yet to be responded to.The success of the prosperity World Development [email protected], even the gender equality is directly proportional to the prosperity of the response gotten on this comment.Honorable Vice President, you are once our education minister, can you pls encourage the govt of the world bank on this on our behalf. The God that answer the prayer of the prosperity of Nigeria Just Government will bless you. Amen.,