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Well said Ma'am.A lot of African leaders profess their concerns and care about the grassroot,and they employ as a competitive advantage- their agenda of women's inclusion into politics.These are mere political strategies for seeking more votes.Enough of their rhetorics and cliches.I believe it's time the Middle East air of change sweep across African countries in the context of gender equality. First, the value bar societies place on women must be raised;from the perimeter of every home, our value system needs a revamp.Husbands should not go unpunished for beating up their wives.Slight surprise rape rate and female student victimization(by lecturers) in our colleges and universities is disheartening.This inter-generational value system transfer needless to say,must be checked. A female coursemate taught me a Mathematic course while preparing for my final exams back then in school.Suffice to say she'd be indispensable anywhere she works.Government should legislate laws and institutionalize regulatory body to evaluate and monitor workforce gender distribution in corporate bodies.An appreciable quota must be reserved for women in order to brace up the productivity gap like you said. Thank goodness African countries are beginning to include women in politics.They need Strategic Marketing so as to inspire an average girl-child.Imagine Saudi Arabia disenfranchising women of the right to vote.It's a thing of joy Middle East is experiencing a positive perspective or so to say, dimension to what anarchy had been known to be.This anarchy has created a new social order to Africa and Middle East. Kudos to the UN MDGs, and World Bank for their thought and action leaderships.