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Submitted by Ewaen idemudia on
Nigeria today, has a work force dominated by women. Go to schools and tell me how many men you see in school as teachers these days, from nursery to secondary only at the university you see some form of equality. Go to banks women dominant banks.It is hard to see a male secretary these days. When I was hunting for Jobs all vacancies apart from the highly technical ones are open to females only up till now same thing, from marketing to sales managers. Is it Until you keep the Men totally at home that you know women have taken all the jobs over from the men. Well I think the government should allow women go for Combat missions in the Niger delta, become involved more on police patrols and go after armed criminal. And employ more of them for anti terrorist squad to help fight the raising terrorist problems in the country. You women want to sweet job and leave the dirty job for the male. I say today in Nigeria do your research we have more female workers than male in all sector of Nigeria economy.