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Submitted by Afia Appiah on
Kudos to all women activists who over the last 100+ years have battled for the rights of women all over the world. They created a space for me a 36 year old woman to continue the fight for increased gender equality. But who am I fighting for? Are they even aware of the injustices gender inequality metes out to them? Do they care past the basics of having enough for they and their families to survive? Or I am fighting for the disinterested young women on the university campuses who stare at me blankly when I talk women empowerment and their role in this gender activism. They just want to breeze through school, find jobs, get someone to marry them and have 2.5 kids. What inequality, they ask? Our successes as women who believe in a better world with equitable representation across all sectors cannot be achieved if those we are fighting for don't know and don't care. What space, they ask? The space I was lucky to stand into because someone fought to create and your life will be a lot better if you step up here with me.