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Submitted by TIMI SIMPSON on
A topic that's been on my mind for some time now. Our sisters and daughters have to change their mind set and start acting equal! I have quietly been championing the course and strongly believe as Oby stated that if African women start to act as equals then hunger will be history in Africa. Africa would have unleashed our amazons and growth will truly start from the Kitchen. With all modesty, I inspired and co-founded a not for profit organisation called TALLAFIN KALLABI FOUNDATION (a Hausa phrase meaning Support (Tallafin) for People of the Scarf (Kallabi) i.e. support for woment). The mission of TK as we call it is to alleviate poverty , improve rural health, strenghten rural economies through diversification and improve livelihoods through women empowerment. TK's effort is geared towards rural economy diversification by linking enterprise to agriculture for food security. TK has adopted Koroko Village in Kwali Council Area of Abuja and the Alheri Sheabutter Society in Bosso Local Council, Niger State as pilot projects to be replicated in other parts of the country. TK is a group of women in support of rural women. Let Africa's growth start from the Kitchen that's the secret of Western Nigeria - my Grandma's tale! But are African women ready to Act Equal. I don't think so. I remember when I was going to get married I sought to be an agent of change for the African Woman, I told my fiancee that at our wedding I will pick up her name as our surname (mind you not her surname!)! She looked at me strangely and stoutly said over her dead body! Yet until then, she was my quintessential 'Woman Liber'. I told her I was dissapointed. She insisted on being Mrs. Simpson, she was Miss Faulkner so it was not in wanting an 'Oyinbo name'. We put the issue to her league of women liber and not a single one was willing to be the change. I told them of the story of one of Africa's most influential African of her time Lady Oyinkan Abayaomi nee Ajasa. She was married to a gentleman called Kofo Abayomi. But early in the marriage, Kofo Abayomi died. The young and beautiful heiress to Sir Kitoye Ajasa's estates remained single until one Dr. John from the West indies came to Nigeria and wooed her hand in marriage. She agreed to Dr John's proposal on one condition, which she had given to every suitor before him: Not only would she continue to be Mrs. Kofo Abayomi but her new husband shall henceforth be addressed as Kofo Abayomi! Dr. John agreed and died several years after as Sir Kofo Abayomi! The couple never had biological children but they raised several one of whom sits on the throne of Oyo today! Start Acting Equal Sisters! Can we at TK use the slogan Think Equal Act Equal to walk the talk in Nigeria?