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Has the World Bank decided to work for African countries rather than for the rich countries that have been pillaging them for decades? That's good news. Perhaps you could start in a country like Tanzania, where you don't even have the excuse of war or anything like that. Currently, foreign companies can extract 97% of the country's gold, uranium and other resources; what happens to the 3% Tanzania is entitled to is anyone's guess, but many doubt that the country even receives that. Does the World Bank have plans to do something different from what they have been doing for decades in health, education and other areas of development, and what makes it different? And why are mining companies still able to come into the country, decade after decade, and claim that the country does not have the capacity to even mine its own resources, let alone process them and get some benefit from them? And will the World Bank protect the artisanal Tanzanian miners who are currently being attacked, beaten and even shot by police who appear to have been paid to do so by the foreign miners. It's great to have the World Bank on board. When can we expect some results? Finally, is the World Bank per diem still roughly the equivalent of the per capita GDP of some poor countries?