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Submitted by Maniza Naqvi on
I wholeheartedly agree with the post that all the people living in resource-rich African countries, which are the majority of countries on the continent, also get to share in this new oil and mineral wealth. The revenues from the oil and mineral wealth could be managed through sovereign funds for the purpose of social protection and improving Human Development and bettering lives of all citizens. I am thrilled to see this post by Makhtar. The Bank's own Jennifer Johnson Calari who is now the Director/Global Head of Reserve Advisory Management in FABRP has edited and contributed to a book on this subject which describes funds in Alaska, Norway, Wisonsin, Botswana, Kuwait and many more that have been set up for this purpose. I have just finished reading this very important book. And highly recommend it. I hope that supporting Governments to set up these funds with the objective of using the funds for social protection, education, health and poverty reduction will be our focus in our Africa Region's work and I would love to be a part of that! Here is the link to the book Maniza