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Submitted by Gaurav on
Dear Patrick, Thanks for your note of appreciation, we really hope that this ICT initiative bears fruit in Ghana. In response to your concerns, I wanted to convey that the tool is made available to CSO representatives, who are also provided with comprehensive training, such that they can apply it effectively on behalf of the poor. A support person, based locally, has been made available to resolve any technical issues and to also assist in driving the uptake of the ICT platform. The app works only on Android smartphones. To this end, a link is provided directly to only trusted CSO representatives through which they can download the App. This way, a measure of control is exerted on who has access (to prevent misuse). In any case, reports submitted from the smartphone undergo a QC process before getting posted on the web, so spurious reports get eliminated. Hope this addresses your queries. Stay tuned for further updates! Best Regards, Gaurav Relhan