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"Taarifa" is a wonderful tool and I believe it will really put the waste collectors on their toes. However, how many people or youth in Accra will have the opportunity to use this initiative to its fullest potential? It can also get into the hands of the wrong people who will have "Taarifa" but will not border to use it. It's a great initiative but as you rightly mentioned in the article, alot of work needs to be done with respect to youth education, cleanups and effecting the 'political will' to cause a massive change in the country. Some of us who are passionate about the environment don't get access to these, so then we don't really feel the significance of such great efforts in tackling this menace. I will be glad to get one "Taarifa", use it to effect the change we want to see in our motherland and let the people in my circle of influence appreciate this initiative. Thank you. Patrick Adjei Nketia