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Submitted by Dr. Jay A. Drosin on

Iknow you are all well intentioned and work for the future, I have spent 27 years in Africa, ten of them in the Zaire/Congo/DRC and know it well. There are only a couple of real solutions, have a responsible government, which the DRC does not and is invisible, thus creating a parallel informal government of the people and their own means to survive a la Kinois of Kinshasa. Beat swords into plowshares by giving work at a living wage to reconstruct the infrastructure of the country and take them away from the impunity of armed agression, give people jobs, create economic opportunity that moves power away from politics and inherant corruption into the chance for some dignity which this continued conflict has robbed men of and made women targets for violance that stems from anger at male disenfranchisement. Reality checks my friends, do your homework in the field not in the office, talk to people who understand the realities. Make donor support conditional, really conditional by responding tangibly to milestones and expectations, if Africa is really going to be for the Africans, they must take responsibility for it. Don't make your voyage another photo op or talk to those who have vested interests, public private collaboration , as I have done in many countries is the way forward. Africa is there, filled with resources,intelligent and devoted people who are literally dying for the opportunity to make a better life.