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Good post, Patricio.
There is a lot of work to do in this area, and interventions should be planned in order to empower both health personnel and women trained as midwifes outside hospitals, and health professionals working in Obs&Gyn Services in hospitals.

In 2008 our group published the results of an educational intervention in different hospitals of Dominicana, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Perú and the NorthEast of Argentina. Just by involving health professionals in the review and rewording of their clinical guidelines greatly improve how preventive measures of postpartum haemorrhage were implemented.

In present days, we have enough knowledge to ensure a safe delivery and to prevent potential complications. Traditional manoevers are easy and preventive treatment (when necessary, in women with well-known risk factors) are cheap. The benefits for the mother, the baby (and his/hers brothers/sisters), the family and the community are enormous.

Kind regards.