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Submitted by Asi Anold on

Let's Communicate.

It's unfortunate God has given us the resources but less talent to manage them. My advice is simple – let’s train our own talents – let’s make our own market – let’s bring up our own policies - let’s unite the mineral and extractive industries in Africa and focus on a long lasting goal that will benefits not just the people of today but also the people of tomorrow and generations to come.

We have reputable references all around the world… the middle east countries are a good example – see the Kingdom of Bahrain , see Saudi Arabia, see Kuwait, See the UAE.. And much more... They are united and focus – they are considerate in their deals and drilled towards the best for their people.

It all started long ago in these nations, they had no skills, no ideas, no man power, and no engineers. But could stand out to be what they are today…

Africa can do more than this and make good of their own mineral resources.

In a meeting with a business coach, I mentioned, we could work successfully with the westerners in our extractive and mineral industries. But the problem we got was effective communication. Go see the repetitive strikes in South Africa and other nations in Africa. What are the fighting for? Communication!

There is indeed much to do within this sector and definitely African countries will continue to increase their dependency on extractive industries in the foreseeable future.

Let’s communicate between nations, between the industries and the workers in those mines, let’s device our extractive norms and communicate that to the westerners that wish to exploit our resources. Let’s follow up to be sure the industry matches the terms that are set and brings in the social developmental factors we are expecting from it. Let our employees within this mines be aware of what their rights are and what the nation expects from the industry… Let’s work together – let’s communicate…

Asi Anold.