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l was quite impressed with the world bank group for this great opportunities the key to the door for financial access,am happy for this ideas and plan, connecting with the beneficiaries directly,All Africa's living in adjust poverty are happy with this News, because whatever plan the world bank group have will get to them, cos when something like this happen so of us doesn't know or it will not reach them that why there's so much poverty in Africa today,this poor people are mainly ;Framers, small scale business, and entrepreneur , they are creative,so productive so of them manufacture things using our local materials ,they are into so many things, so of this poor people are young women, men and youth, that want to start their business, no one to help or empower them,some of us want to become an entrepreneur, maybe the area some of them were before is not moving well, they want to change to the area that is more demanding, in doing this they will employ men, women and youth in the society this also reduce unemployment,yes getting the remittance system right for Africa through financial this will increase their development potential, l and all the Africa men women and youth living in poverty our thanks goes to world bank group and their team for giving New life and hope to the poor,Thanks and God bless you all.