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Submitted by rotimi Olawale on

for every youth who makes the risky and hardous trip across the sahara to Europe, there are a thousand others who are breaking their back trying to erk out a living on the continent. I have visited more than 12 countries in africa, and i can tell you from first hand experience that with the boundless energy and creativity of africa's youth, if matched with the relevant skills and re-tooling, Africa will rise. The escape across the Sahara is necessitated by many things, hunger, search for better opportunities and all. When young people know that opportunities abound in their countries and the state and international partners are willing to suport them to harness this opportunities, then they woill stay. Please visit the IT hubs in Johanesbourg, Lagos, Dakar, Kigali or Addis Ababa and be amazed by what young people are doing with IT. I am sure you might have heard about Ushaidi from kenya or the rise of online super-stores such as jumia and konga in Nigeria. This is our continent, we will rise up to develop it but we need more young people to join in that development and they are ready, if you can provide them the needed support!