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  • Reply to: In Malawi, planting trees in fields of maize bumps up yields   4 months 3 weeks ago

    Dear Magda -

    These messages are important. To add, I just wanted to draw attention to a recent paper in the Forest Policy and Economics Journal ( which documents the extent of on farm tree growing across a number of African countries, using the LSMS-ISA data .

    Malawi is one of the countries covered. The data are open access and the exercise may be useful by way of baseline in examining future endeavours (for an early WP version see

    Best. Luc

  • Reply to: 10 Knowledge Products from Sub-Saharan Africa You Don’t Want to Miss   8 months 4 days ago

    Daniella, that's great. Well done!

  • Reply to: 10 Knowledge Products from Sub-Saharan Africa You Don’t Want to Miss   8 months 1 week ago

    This is very helpful information

  • Reply to: Leave no Ethiopian behind by involving as many citizens as possible, and by solving the country’s challenges   8 months 3 weeks ago

    I appreciate the genuine concern and thoughts expressed to ensure all inclusive growth in Ethiopia. Rediet also mentions critical issues that need focus to ensure such a growth process. However, I am not sure how ethnic division could be an asset and whether our youth lack motivation.

  • Reply to: Implementing people-centered and inclusive policies can help Ethiopia leave no one behind   9 months 1 day ago

    Breaking Ethnical and tribal differences is another example of peace that build Ethiopia together. If lets say the budget of Ethiopia reaches out to all the provinces of Ethiopia, rebuilding infrastructure in all the provinces and bringing in investors can change Ethiopia totally. Wish the government in power can spread wealth to all Ethiopians rather focusing only on Addis Ababa and leaving behind the rest of Ethiopia. The capital will be over crowded based on the resent study on population heading to Addis and leaving the rest of the fertile Ethiopian provinces. We do see a number of Ethiopian economical refuges in South Africa and the world and the number is huge explaining the poor governance of the Ethiopia in terms of displacing its citizens along Tribal and Ethnicity background. Ethiopia is very rich nation and it can be the best in Africa if it can open up to fixing the issues ASP, issues left behind by previous Ethiopian leaders...How long will Ethiopia be refuges?