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Chart: Countries Where over 80% of Electricity is Renewable

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A fifth of the world's electricity production in 2012 came from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, and hydropower. The International Energy Agency estimates this could rise to a quarter of the world's production by 2020.

Note: I picked "over 80%" just for emphasis - I was surprised by the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa such as Zambia where hydropower is a big part of the energy generation mix. You can see a map with values for all countries with available data here.


Submitted by Mohamed O. Msekeni on

Renewable Energ potential for Sub Saharan Africa countries (SSA).
There is highest potential for the renewables for SSA if we over come a misconception paradox of thinking Renewable Energy is only sourced from solar.
Most of SSA can tap energy from these 5 sources below apart from solar.
(*1.)Tides energy
(*2.)Shining marbles
(*3.)Salt or Salinity Energy
(*4.)Biological Energy from glowing splints or bubbles.
(*5.)Aquatic energy from splashing water based organisms like fish or frogs.
If these 5 sources are utilised many SSA can reach Renewable Energy potential mark of these 80%.

Submitted by Pedro Paulo da Silva Filho on

Congratulations to the authors of the "electricity matrix graph". It is easy to understand even for non energy experts, besides very interesting to find out how far the world is from a sustainable power production matrix and that in terms of clean energy we are literally "scratching the surface". My personal opinion is that although technologies are available, decision makers are not fully aware of their options, like the use of solar PV or Efficient Hydro turbines, to produce sustainable and economically viable power. A good initiative in that direction could be to disseminate these possibilities at non technical events.

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