Chart: Higher Poverty Rates for Latin America's Indigenous


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Indigenous people in Latin America account for less than 8% of the population, yet make up more than 17% of the region's extremely poor, due to a persistent pattern of social exclusion. Read More and download the report "Indigenous Latin America in the twenty-first century"

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Mohamed O. Msekeni
February 16, 2016

Prioritizing Education, Business,global production and Trade as well as Government delivery to Latin American indigenous. Education to indigenous people in Latin America. This has been proposed in the report as one of the solutions, in lifting them out of poverty into prosperity.
Other proposed solutions could be the following;
(i)To empower them through engaging them in Trade and commodities production. Trade and production engagement should be in the form of crossborders like Global Value Chains (GVC's).
-They need to be helped in choosing the right kind of trade or production so that they become most competitive.
-Making them join global intergrated economy through trade engegements will enable them develop faster, end poverty become prosperity.
(ii)Promoting their Voice, Culture and identity needs them to be well served with Government delivery. A good strategy is starting from Local Government through eGovernment. It can be possible with ICT and Mobile sharp penetration as an emerging drivers of global growth.