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Submitted by Tayo Adefemi on

It's been concisely condensed! The 2018 World Development Report on Education isn't only worth digesting, absorbing but neatly worth assimilating as well. Thumbs up to Mr Tariq Khokhar for taking his precious time to comprehensively breakdown this report into soluble forms. Low and middle income countries have been seriously fingered as lagging behind countries. The graphical presentations on performances on the issue of the concept of learning are worryingly telling stories for any responsible and effectual government that are sincerely and committedly ready to step up. Honestly, I see this report as an impressively solution-coated pills for those failed governments. This should be a wake up bell, but amusingly just for how long would we have keep ringing this bell? How would they expect the lion in me to roar if my education isn't complete without learning? I'm going to download this report with a view to scoop more facts and more importantly, for future reference.