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Submitted by Mahina Arefin on

Dear Marko ,

1) It is nice to see the article on data collection .
2) The authenticity of data is only possible when there is "100% transparency with no exception" and no promotion of "Elite Capture"
3) With respect to Bangladesh various data source are under "Elite Capture" and not transparent but only covered by exceptions .
4) To give the evidence please check the amendment of "Financing agreement " where" Poverty Data base" is replaced by "House Hold Data base" in Safety net system project proving "Elite Capture" and predetermined result of Data .
5) There are no data being disclosed of price,production, net poverty reduction etc of VC , NJCS etc in NJLIP showing it as exception though must be with WB to determine the success of PDO .
6) WB keeps working on various data and various MIS etc but shunt them if it helps the poverty and promote them only when it helps the "Elite Capture" .
7) The honest data already available on various project obtained by spending millions of USD itself can
improve the performance of World Bank supported projects.
8) Await your further comment on the issue .

Mahina Arefin