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Submitted by Valeriy Vershynin on

Memorandum of understanding

I kindly ask you to consider my team’s innovations for usefulness for the interests of Ukraine and the world.

There are many different problems in the world, I call your attention to the following:

- a problem with recycling of household waste,

- a problem with the construction and repair of roads,

- a problem with the shortage of energy resources.

Everyone makes a try to "fight” with these problems but can’t "overcome".

We know how to solve these problems and are not afraid of the scale of the work ahead. We know that there will be many opponents but we know that this process can’t be stopped because it is natural.

In fact, these are Reforms of world significance, I declare without false modesty.

My team’s innovations are ready to be sold:

1. "The modern method of 100% recycling of household waste SHW." I emphasize 100%. There are no analogues in the world.

The method does not require sorting of waste at home.

The buyer of know-how takes control of all the passage of household waste and its 100% processing where he wants to control it.

These are organizational events, special box design (one special box serves 1,000 residents, one operator serves up to 10 special-purpose boxes) and technology.

Output: known raw materials (waste paper, rag, polyethylene, plastic, glass, scrap metal, etc.),

The waste unclaimed for traditional processing are processed separately using special technology.

Output: tile, brick, etc. for use in construction.

This process excludes environmental pollution by household and industrial waste and solves the problem of solid household waste (SHW).

Polygons (landfills) cease their activities.

The proposed method does not provide for the processing of radioactive and especially harmful chemicals.

For this end there are special services and technologies.

The proposed innovation is the basis of the governmental Reform in any state where we decide to implement it and which provides for the processing of all waste, not just household waste. The refusal of any state to implement such a reform is a rejection of the LOGIC.

Before I bring to your attention the following innovation, I consider it necessary to comment the situation that will develop after a 100% recycling of household and other industrial wastes.

Over time, huge deposits of raw materials are formed using this approach to the processing of waste of all kinds. All raw materials can’t be used to manufacture products that will be allowed for direct contact with food, cosmetics, for household needs, etc. Therefore, we propose the remaining part of the raw material to be used for the manufacture of parts and structures when implementing the second know-how. The matter of the great demand for previously unclaimed raw materials is being solved.

2. "Reconstruction of the upper structure of roads". There are no analogues in the world.

This is a unique structure of the upper structure of roads made from raw materials obtained from the processing of waste (SHW) and industrial waste using some traditional materials according to a completely new technology.

The time of execution of construction and repair work on the roads using the proposed technology and design will be significantly reduced. The "closing" of one strip of the autobahn for repairs should not exceed 8 hours. There are no such standards in the world.

Currently, Germany annually loses up to 100 billion euros (according to the official statistics) due to the long terms of construction and repair works on autobahns.

3. “Power plant capacity is up to 15 kW and more». Alternative energy. (According to this innovation you can create a new electric car that does not require recharging). There are no analogues in the world.

Schematic circuit is tested.

The schematic circuit is not related to previous innovations.

The first two know-how were tested by specialists of the Dnipropetrovsk Academy of Construction and Architecture under the guidance of Professor Prikhodko Anatolii Petrovich. Unfortunately, on September 25, 2013 he died.

The first and third know-how can be intensively introduced in a year using well-organized organizational work.

All know-how is sold with the author's support.

At first, the second know-how requires the development of the project without reference to the real terrain, in my opinion, and then together with Germany (our logic will convince Germany to become the customer of the project) to produce a working project for the NORTH-SOUTH, EAST-WEST autobahns (strategic roads for the European economy), etc.

The buyer of the know-how after submitting documentation for the alleged patent design (he will become a monopolist in these areas) can inform the whole world that he has started serious transformations in these areas (Problem with recycling of waste, Roads and Fools, Shortage of Energy Resources).

This political component will significantly increase the credibility of the Buyer, will irrevocably involve the whole world in this process and it will not be difficult for an uncomprehending to work for the know-how owner (nobody dares to oppose the solution of too "sick" topics).

Your level of thinking will allow to see material component without specialists. These technological and easy-to-carry know-how can’t be kept in the "cage", as people did not keep the natural path of development from the gramophone to the discs, aircraft construction, etc.

Again, we have a natural way.

It is appropriate to recall the famous exclamations:

It can’t be!

There is something in it ....

As we could be without it!

I, as an individual, briefly introduced the innovations of my team by its consent and full responsibility for what has been said. I’m ready to dialogue, it's enough one hour for me to convince any interlocutor (who wants to get profit and world recognition) of reality, usefulness and necessity of these projects.

Sincerely, Valeriy Vershynin.

P.S. Realization of raw materials and products made from SHW is shown in minimal volumes according to official sources with a gradual increase in profits to $ 40 billion. As regards the roads of Germany you need to bargain, if they have official losses of up to 100 billion euros annually, they can be persuaded of the advisability of mutually beneficial cooperation in many areas. When implementing innovations, we will need constant contact with governmental structures of different countries at the highest level, which is of no small importance. What dividends will be given from the political component? In this case, everything depends on the know-how buyer's behavior. I can only say that his name will go down in world history.

... polygons (landfills) are delayed-action mines, roads are the arteries of the country, energy is people's life .... and all this is aimed at protecting the environment, protecting our children and their development ... In your power to attract governmental people to the solution of world problems. It’s very important that our actions include no envy, greed, other vices and we will do good for people. I and my guys do not pretend to be famous. Or I suggest something unreal?

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