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Submitted by Atebia Kokeb K. on

Very informative article. I hope more article concerning World Bank policies to assure financial risk protection due to costs of surgery will ensue. How far are we in accomplishing the World Development Goal of providing universal Health Coverage and what are the impediment besides low wealth.

Can the World Bank make it a condition of their loan to a low and middle class countries, sub Saharan countries to allocate certain percentage of their loan on preventing both catastrophic and impoverishing expenditure due to surgical care? Such as maybe subsidizing government Health Care systems? Providing free preventive care to low income families? Direct subsidy to low income family under the World Bank supervision? Building more affordable health care services even community health services to provide basic care for the low income and middle income countries can reduce the risk for potential survery thus the expenditure. This way we are hitting two targets with one stone namely creating more productive, healthy civizen in the long run ,reduced expenditure on surgery for low income families and more expenditure for day to day expenses such as food, transportation, rent, education etc.
Thank you and looking forward to other articles from the World Bank.