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Submitted by Nii Moi Thompson on
Well, I'm glad (and somewhat relieved) that at least someone is talking statistics in the Post-2015 debate. I've been disturbed by its complete omission in discussions so far. The MDGs were global targets and even though the framework provided room for countries to domesticate them to suit their national development agenda, many didn't perhaps because they weren't even aware of such options. But right below domestication is localisation, which seems to have been completely forgotten even by those who domesticated the indicators and goals. Yet localisation in all its forms holds the key to our ability to measure progress, either now or beyond 2015. With efforts at domestication should come efforts at genetating better ADMINISTRATIVE STRATISTICS. This in turn requires certain institutional reforms, such as the capacity of local (and also central) governments to develop and manage effective M+E system. The absence of this capacity remains a void in the current MDGs discourse and will persist into 2015 and beyond if it is not givern prominence. All the talk about food security and inequality and poverty will continue to amount to little or nothing unless countries have the ability to make policies and to monitor and evaluate their implementation effectively; this is critical to ensuring sustainability, especially with poverty in all its forms, where the status of people (especially the vulnerable) changes with the rise and fall of their economic fortunes. I hope the Bank pushes strongly - very strongly - for M+E systems/localisation to be an integral part of the ongoing discuss. It is critical.