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Many thanks for your question. The actual breakdown of the Total external debt figures used in the context of International Debt Statistics is debt disbursed (the sum of Disbursements on external debt, long-term (DIS, current US$)) minus principal repayments (Principal repayments on external debt, long-term (AMT, current US$) ). This data can all be obtained using the data query tool DataBank ( Initial capital borrowed we identify as Commitments, public and publicly guaranteed (COM, current US$). Interest is listed as Interest payments on external debt, long-term (INT, current US$) And we do not collect data on "accumulated compound interest" as there is no penalty debt service charge accumulated on these loans we have in the database. The best option for information on accumulated interest that has not yet been repaid is looking at the Interest arrears, public and publicly guaranteed (current US$) indicator. Please let us know if this helped answer your question. Maryna Taran