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Submitted by Dalma Smithy on
Perusing over the graphs Globally, it appears just about every Country - particularly the Western World, are up to their necks in consuming dent ! It indicates all Govts are living a lie, and living beyond their means. Frugality is a dirty word. Borrowed money is the new paradigm. The more the better. Trouble is this whole exercise is unsustainable, and until we return to the Gold Standard, printed money and electronically created currency will eventually bottom out. They have debased the Reserve currency, which will debase the Economy, and lead to Global hardship beyond our imagination. We are heading for the World's crash - worst then the 1929-36 disaster. Magnified Global markets, NYSE, Wall St & All the World's Financial markets will crash when the US Reserve Dollar hits rock bottom. All other currencies will be worthless. The Banks will crash, as investors demand their Life savings which is worth zilch. Govt workers will cease work. Prepare for the END.