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Wayne, Your 2 cents are at least a silver dollar's worth (filled w/ platinum)! Yep, you're right. Caring is what makes average people break through the impossible (which often manifests itself as bureaucracy, outdated policies and gulp... FORMS!!). I guess the point is that you don't have to be anyone official with a fancy title to move things along. An average person who cares enough to speak out, build support, and (while treating all w/ respect) not go away, can be much more powerful than the well-meaning folks behind the institution. Put them all together, though (w/ some data and supergeeks) and you have a recipe for some serious magic. I do stand by my secret ingredient of transparency. Without it, it's hard to know where to start, how to ask questions about what your rights are, how to ask for more information, and transparency is the best way to bring everyone along. In my experience, even those who would surely knock down your good idea need to know about it. Their input will make that good idea better... Weirdly related, I saw the movie 'Big Miracle' last weekend. I can't stop thinking about the efforts of Greenpeace, US military, Russian military, big oil, local fishermen, the press and the guys w/ their crazy invention, working together to free those whales in 1989! I digress, but not really... Thanks for your wise words! Sandra