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Great Data. I find the CP Country Profile is very useful. Although it stops at 2011 and seems that it needs lots of work to update it to 2012.

However, it would be even useful if you could add (anyways) 2012, 2013 meaning up to the current year in a projection format from previous indicators. It sounds like a grand job but actually it will be useful for everyone including the bank to set leading indicators and values then compare the actual with what have been predicted or expected.

A second comment that I wanted to participate with is the creation of what would be called the World Balanced Scorecard agreeing on a number of perspectives and be able also to present it in lagging and leading indicators. I guess you already have the data and the architecture of such scorecard is not big deal. Include me in if you need support.

Kind Regards.
Hassan El-Meligy
Development Consultant