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Farhod: Here is a detailed explanation to clear up any confusion. I hope you’ll find this helpful. The MDG is to reduce by two-thirds, between 1990 and 2015, the Under-Five Mortality Rate (U5MR). According to our data for Cambodia, in 1990 the U5MR was 117 and the Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) was 85.  This implies that the MDG target values for these indicators are, respectively, 39 and 28 (i.e., 2/3 of the 1990 rates). In 2011, our most recent data for Cambodia, the U5MR was 42.5 and the IMR was about 36. In other words, the MDG target value for neither indicator was achieved by 2011.  Our 2013 GMR assessment suggested that Cambodia has made sufficient progress in recent years and is likely to meet both the U5MR and IMR targets by 2015. You can use one of our dashboards ( to see the full time series of data since 1990 for both these indicators for Cambodia as well as our projected trends.  The visualization embedded in this blog post shows that in the Bank’s East Asia and Pacific Region 21 percent of countries have achieved the U5MR target values (the dark green shaded bar chart section) and that 17 percent have made sufficient progress (the light green shaded bar chart section) and are on track to achieve the target value.  No country in this region has yet achieved the IMR target value and only 8 percent of countries (i.e., 2 countries) have made sufficient progress to be on track to achieve the goal.  Cambodia is one of those two countries.