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Daniel Nogueira-Budny works for the World Bank on issues of open government, open data, and public financial management in Africa. H... Leer más »

Dave is an information technology specialist currently working in the travel sector. He also has a background in customer service. Leer más »

Davi has a Ph.D in Political Science from University of São Paulo, Brazil. His work addresses projects monitoring and eval... Leer más »

David is a Communications Consultant with the Development Data Group. He joined the World Bank in May 2015 after 9 years in the... Leer más »

Dawn is responsible for the project management of the Open Data Institute’s (ODI's)Leer más »

Dereje Ketema, a native of Ethiopia, is a consultant at the World Bank’s Development Data Group. His areas of interest include pover... Leer más »

Derek Fromson is the Communications Lead for the World Bank Group’s open financial data program (Leer más »
Dominique Vervoort is a final year medical student at the KU Leuven in Belgium and incoming Research Associate at the Program in Global... Leer más »
Dong Yang is a first-year Ph.D. student at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He majors in public administration.
... Leer más »

Donna has enjoyed working in online news and communications since 1998. An online communications officer at the World Bank, she... Leer más »

Dorina Georgieva joined the Doing Business team in January 2013. She currently works on the Trading across Borders indicator and pre... Leer más »

Dorothe Singer is an economist in the Finance and Private Sector Research Team of the Development Research Group at the World Bank. ... Leer más »