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Sam is a member of the World Bank Finances team, a Finance Complex project that aims to make financial data about the World Bank's... Lire la suite » »
Samuel Mills, M.D., Dr.PH, is a Senior Health Specialist at the World Bank. His areas of interest in public health are reproductive... Lire la suite » »
Sandra implements media data literacy and social accountability programs by day and works on local community efforts related to education... Lire la suite » »
Sardar Azari is a Senior Information Officer and technical lead for advanced analytics and data science program in the Information... Lire la suite » »
Saw Young (Sandy) Min is a Junior Professional Officer with the Governance and Public Sector Management anchor of the Poverty Reduction... Lire la suite » »
Shaida Badiee, is a co-founder and managing director of Open Data Watch, an NGO focused on monitoring and promoting open... Lire la suite » »
Sharon Felzer heads the Public Opinion Research Group in the World Bank Group’s External and Corporate Relations Vice Presidency.  ... Lire la suite » »
Shelley Fu works in the Development Data Group’s Sustainable Development and Data Quality Team. She manages mobile... Lire la suite » »
Shelton Kanyanda is a Senior Economist based in Rome, Italy. His main interest is in designing and implementing household surveys and... Lire la suite » »
Shiqing Li is a research analyst working for the World Bank Water Global Practice, Water and Sanitation Program. She has... Lire la suite » »

Siddhesh Kaushik works in the Development Economics Data Group and manages development of statistical system including the World Int... Lire la suite » »

Simon is an Economist at the World Bank focusing on Fiscal, Growth, Tax and Environmental issues. He is currently working in Central... Lire la suite » »
Siobhan Murray is a Technical Specialist in the World Bank’s Development Data Group. She works with the Living Standards Measurement... Lire la suite » »

Siv Tokle is a Norwegian national, who currently leads the results, knowledge and operations team of the World Bank Group Cross... Lire la suite » »

Soong Sup Lee is a lead data scientist in the Development Economics Data Group of the World Bank. He has worked in various roles for the... Lire la suite » »
Soren Gigler is leading the Mapping for Results Initiative at the World Bank Institute. He is a political economist and since the end of... Lire la suite » »
Dr. Stefan G. Koeberle is the Director for Strategy, Risk and Results, Operations Policy and Country Services of the World Bank since... Lire la suite » »

Stephane Dahan is a Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist at the Water Global Practice of the World Bank. His main interests are in... Lire la suite » »

Sun Hwa Song is a Statistical Analyst working with the Financial Data Team in the Development Economics Data Group at the World Bank... Lire la suite » »

Svetlana Markova is a researcher and communications specialist at the Public Opinion Research Group in the World Bank Group’s External... Lire la suite » »