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Announcing the Apps for Development Competition

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As part of the World Bank's Open Data Initiative, World Bank President Robert Zoellick kicked off the Apps for Development Competition on October 7th, 2010 that will challenge the developer community to create tools, applications, and mash-ups using World Bank data.

Please check the Apps for Development contest Web site for complete contest details.

Join the discussion at Open Forum

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open-forum_logo-no-text.jpegOn October 7-8, the world's financial leaders will be in Washington, D.C., discussing the most pressing issues in the wake of the financial crisis. You’re invited to join the conversation at the World Bank Open Forum, an online event featuring expert discussions, live video and a 24-hour chat-room on three key issues: free and open data, global job creation, and major development challenges.

New features

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We're pleased to announce new features on including:

Triple the amount of data on the site

We've increased the indicators on the site from 339 to more than 1,200, including the full World Development Indicators dataset, all of which are also available in the API.

New and improved Data Catalog

The Data Catalog has been revamped and includes more datasets and improved information about each.

Almost all regions on track to meet MDG poverty reduction target

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The first Millennium Development Goal (MDG) focuses on eradicating poverty, hunger and decent work. These three targets realize that poor health and lack of education deprive people of productive employment. Depleted and spoiled environmental resources; and corruption, conflict, and misgovernance that waste public resources and discourage private investment also trap people in poverty. While poverty exists everywhere, there has been progress.

Target 1A: Halve, between 1990 and 2015, the proportion of people whose income is less than $1.25 a day

Progress toward the MDGs, but much remains to be done

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The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are a commitment from the international community to an expanded vision of development that vigorously promotes human development. These goals are the key to sustaining social and economic progress in all countries, and recognize the importance of creating a global partnership for development. The goals have been commonly accepted as a framework for measuring development progress.