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DataBank is a data retrieval, analysis, and visualization tool that allows users to create, save, and share custom charts, tables, and maps. We launched the tool two years ago and have been making improvements based on user feedback ever since. Last year we released a multilingual version of the tool, and today we're pleased to announce a new feature that allows users to query country, series, time, and footnote metadata.

What can DataBank do?

  • It enables users to easily create custom queries on data drawn from 52 databases
  • It lets users create and customize charts, tables, and maps
  • It makes it easy to select, save and share data and visualizations
  • It's available on both computers and mobile devices
  • DataBank and selected data are available in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Chinese
  • It now allows users to create custom metadata queries
  • Watch the tutorial and read the FAQs to learn more about the basics of DataBank 

What is Metadata?
Metadata are data and descriptions about data. In DataBank, dataset-level metadata generally contain the following information:

Table 1

About the Series/Indicator

About the Country

  • Indicator Name
  • Long Definition
  • Source
  • Periodicity
  • Aggregation Method
  • Etc.
  • Long Name
  • Income Group
  • Region
  • Lending Category
  • Currency Unit
  • Etc.


What can this new Metadata feature do?
It creates a customizable Metadata report
It allows you to view different kinds of Metdata
It permits you to add or remove metadata attributes and variables (e.g. country, series, etc.)
It filters metadata type according to your selection
It enables the download of queried metadata
It can be saved or shared
It moves between views (charts, tables, maps, and metadata), retaining your variable selection

To see a brief preview of this new Metadata feature in DataBank, view the video below. (High resolution version)


How can you help to further improve DataBank?

Please continue to provide your feedback about your experience with DataBank - it helps us to prioritize new features and enhancements.

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