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Video of launch event of the book Migration and Remittances during the Global Financial Crisis and Beyond

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We had an interesting launch event for this volume on July 10th at the World Bank's Infoshop in Washington DC. There have been a number of media reports (see for example the story on Wall Street Journal by Eric Bellman, a Q&A in Mint by Malia Politzer, and another Q&A by Donna Barne). See also related posts on this blog from my co-editors Ibrahim and Jeff on their interventions during the book launch. 

Diaspora bonds for development financing during a crisis

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On September 16 Greece announced that it plans to issue a diaspora bond. In the past the governments of India and Israel have raised over $35 billion dollars, often in times of liquidity crisis. Preliminary estimates suggest that Sub-Saharan African countries can potentially raise $5-10 billion per year by issuing diaspora bonds. Countries that can potentially consider diaspora bonds are Bangladesh, Colombia, El Salvador, Ghana, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Senegal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe (and also Greece, Ireland, Italy, South Korea and Spain). 

Call for papers: Special Issue on Migration, Remittances and Financial Crisis

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Migration Letters invites contributions for a special issue on migration, remittances and, financial crisis (edited by Dilip Ratha, World Bank, USA and Ibrahim Sirkeci, Regent’s College London, UK). The current financial crisis is thought to be among the causes of a decline in migration and remittance flows. However, questions about the future impact of the financial crisis on the size and channels of these flows and the resilience of remittances are still to be answered. As migration and remittances have proven to be a lifeline in many developing countries, analyses of these patterns and prospects are therefore in high demand. In this special issue, we aim to bring together a select set of articles focusing on the relationship between financial crisis and global migration and remittance flows, and on the assessment of policy responses in the sending and the receiving countries.

Diaspora Latina, remesas y crisis económica

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Acabo de realizar una podcast entrevista con Ximena Gutiérrez (coordinadora del sitio web del Banco Mundial en español sobre cómo la crisis financiera mundial esta impactando a la “diaspora latina”, a la demanda laboral de los trabajadores migrantes y a los flujos de remesas a América Latina.

Zimbabwe’s economic crisis: will adopting foreign currency help to increase remittance flows through formal channels?

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Zimbabwe's government recently announced a partial dollarization, declaring the U.S dollar and other foreign currencies as legal tender alongside the Zimbabwean dollar in its efforts to fight a crippling hyper-inflation (after announcing the launch of a 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollar note in January).