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Submitted by Alain Ndedi, PhD on
For a long period of time, money from African immigrants living in Western countries has not drawn any particular attention on African development by academics and scholars. Many reasons explain this reluctance to explore internal or domestic answers to our problems instead of relying on Western panaceas to deal with our own ills. As usual, we Africans don’t have faith in our abilities, always depending on Caucasian states or initiatives to change our destiny. In her recent work on African aid, a well known Zambian scholar, Dambisa Moyo in her recent book entitled, Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There is Another Way for Africa, argues that foreign aid has harmed Africa and that it should be phased out. The author was not arguing that any cash flown on African economies is harmful. Her thoughts are looking to more internal measures first, before looking at any external remedies to change the course of history which is not currently favourable for us Africans. Annually approximately, twenty millions international migrants originate from Sub Saharan Africa, and at the same time, their remittances are growing without any particular attention by their respective states. Why remittances are not working for Africa, or why these cash flows injections in African economies are ineffective?