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Call for Proposals: Evaluation of diaspora programs

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Diaspora engagement is a big and growing issue in developed and developing countries, with strong policy interest. But all things considered, the topic is vastly under-studied compared to its economic importance. A serious obstacle to good policy-making is the lack of collective learning about the impact of diaspora policy interventions.
To obtain a better understanding of the contributions of diaspora, studies of different diaspora interventions should be conducted. The Thematic Working Group on “Mobilizing diaspora resources as agents of social and economic change” is accepting proposals for preparation of papers that evaluates programs on one or more of the following areas being implemented in a particular country or in a group of countries: 
  • Matching grant initiatives
  • Advisory services and training support for the diaspora
  • Public and private sector mechanisms to encourage trade and investments by the diaspora
  • Initiatives for promoting diaspora investments in capital markets
  • Programs to facilitate research, innovation, technology transfer and skills development
  • Programs to facilitate diaspora philanthropy
See detailed call for proposals here. Responses to this call for proposals by no later than July 15, 2015. Kindly submit your proposal to Sonia Plaza [email protected]