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  • Reply to: Japan’s new immigration policy may be a development game changer for South Asia   2 months 3 weeks ago

    This is an excellent blog providing information on an enlightened and far-seeing policy move on migration. One aspect that should be benchmarked and studied with regard to the new policy was foreshadowed by the Emperor's final birthday speech on Sunday. He asked the Japanese people to embrace the changes that will occur to its homogeneous social structure and cultural values. Comments made in such a momentous speech foreshadows the cataclysmic changes that are likely to occur in Japan over the next decade. It is worth tracking the changes in the housing market, social security, inter-marriage, and education areas, a fertile ground for some enterprising Ph.D. students! Congratulations to Supriyo De for helping start the discussion.

  • Reply to: Global Compact on Migration   4 months 17 hours ago

    It seems UN is preparing governments for a major catastrophe due to mass migration.

    If UN says there will be 2.000 million working age people more till 2050 in underdeveloped world and 800 million jobs less, then we must ask where do we have those extra jobs in developed countries. We are already struggling to keep even our own nationals employed at a satisfactory level.

    To me GCM is based on the idea that migration can't be stopped. Of course it can be.

    The other odd presumption is that population growth can't be avoided. Of course that can be stopped by multiple methods. It starts from the fact that human reproduction is not anymore a free choice and common human right.

  • Reply to: Global Compact on Migration   4 months 3 weeks ago

    We haven´t been able to integrate the people from Africa and the Middle East here in Finland. They will ruin our social security system. We don´t have jobs for them. Digitalisation and automatization will Still reduce jobs dramatically. And the crime rates.. We have research data here how people from certain cultures and continents make over ten times more sexual crimes than us native people! Finland has been a very Secure country. We don´t want buid fences around our houses like in many African countries the wealthier people have to do. Our children have been able to play free in our forests and we don´t want it will change. Our school system is already in difficulties when children from the developing countries are not able to follow the education well and some of them skrew around the classrooms. Our PISA-results have gone down. We don´t want more violence, insecurity and islam here! We Finnish have the right for our own land here!

  • Reply to: A Proposed Systematic Review Framework for the Global Compact on Migration   5 months 5 days ago

    It would be useful to enter into contact with the UNDP, extending your tracking of the Global Compact implementation to align with monitoring of progress on the SDGs as the Goals address many of the key drivers & factors related to migration, and synergies might help reduce cost of monitoring. Placing it within the GFMD may help, I agree. It would also be ideal to give relevant civil society (beyond IGO-UN-Bretton Woods funded research institutions) a stake in oversight.

  • Reply to: Transforming Global Remittances with Distributed Ledger Technology and Interledger Protocol   5 months 1 week ago

    This is exactly the reason why I am investing into both Ripple's XRP and Stellar's XLM

    These two companies have the potential to be the Microsoft and Apple of the new millennium.

    Helping everyone achieve a better cost of living and standard of care and access to commercial services and banking is a valuable and worthwhile pursuit.

    UBI or Universal Basic Income is another potential service that many millennial's support and will strongly vote in favor for in upcoming elections as our generation moves into the majority.