Consultation on Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Global Development


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We are planning to initiate a Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Global Development. Please send your comments and suggestions on the consultation draft to [email protected].

The Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Global Development will be a global public good. It will seek to highlight the benefits and challenges of migration for sending and receiving communities as well as for migrants. The Knowledge Partnership will:

(i) provide an open, multidisciplinary platform to debate, discuss and exchange knowledge on migration issues;

(ii) generate a menu of policy choices based on evidence and peer-review, and

(iii) will assist sending and receiving countries in implementing a few pilot policy operations and capacity building efforts to evaluate and mainstream a few policy choices.

The Knowledge Partnership will be a resource for policy makers, the member agencies of the Global Migration Group (GMG), regional development banks, donors, and different organizations involved in mainstreaming migration and remittances into national development plans, country strategies, and projects/programs on migration and remittances.

We are planning a consultation session at the Civil Society Forum of the fifth meeting of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) in Geneva on November 30.


Dilip Ratha

Manager, Migration and Remittances Unit and Head, KNOMAD, Global Indicators Group, World Bank

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